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10 Oct '18 - Service Accommodation & Transfer Vessel for Siemens Gamesa at Formosa 1 Offshore Wind Power Plant in Taiwan

Njord Offshore to manage a new Service Accommodation & Transfer Vessel for Siemens Gamesa at Formosa 1 Offshore Wind Power Plant in Taiwan

Njord Offshore Ltd, a leading offshore wind crew transfer vessel operator will be managing a new purpose built 35-metre Service Accommodation and Transfer Vessel (“SATV”) on long term charter to Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy A/S (“Siemens Gamesa”) for Formosa 1 offshore wind power plant in Taiwan. Siemens Gamesa will have 22 of its offshore wind turbines installed in the Formosa 1 offshore wind power plant when completed: two units of the SWT-4.0-130 wind turbine, and 20 units of the SWT-6.0-154 wind turbine. The wind park is located about six kilometres off the west coast of Miaoli County. The SATV will be operated from the port of Taichung for the operations and maintenance phase of the wind power plant commencing in the fourth quarter of 2019. The vessel is capable of staying offshore for at least seven days and offers 12 single cabins for the industrial personnel. The vessel will be registered under the Taiwan Flag and manned by Taiwanese crew that are trained by Njord Offshore’s experienced masters.

Tom Mehew, Managing Director of Njord Offshore commented, “The award of the SATV contract marks a significant milestone in expanding our footprint in the offshore wind market. The SATV offers a new logistical model which will enable technicians to be accommodated offshore and also transfer directly onto the turbines like our existing crew transfer vessels without the need for an expensive gangway system which will ultimately save time and money for our client. This charter is an exciting opportunity to leverage our existing offshore wind experience and combine it with our Asian partner’s locality, workforce and language skills. We are looking forward to working alongside Siemens Gamesa and will be supporting localisation in Taiwan.”

“With the SATV, we’re offering a new offshore wind service solution which demonstrates our commitment to meeting our customers’ needs and reducing the cost of energy from offshore wind power. The vessel concept fits the bill perfectly for projects like Formosa 1: a full 40-person Service Operation Vessel would be oversized, and standard Crew Transfer Vessels which must sail in to port every night would be undersized. The SATV also allows us to safely and efficiently make the most of the challenging tidal conditions that are found in the Taiwan Strait,” states Rene Wigmans, Head of Maritime and Aviation Solutions, from the Siemens Gamesa Service Business Unit.

First of Class - Njord Odin - Launched

22 Sept '15 - Njord Offshore’s latest generation of Crew Transfer Vessels

Njord Offshore’s latest generation of Crew Transfer Vessels


Njord Offshore have taken delivery of Njord Magni – a 26m Quad IPS Crew Transfer Vessel.


Njord Magni is the third of four sister vessels to be delivered to Njord Offshore this year and is due to be shipped back to Europe from Singapore with Njord Thor in Mid October ’15.


Sisters Njord Odin and Njord Freyr have been operating in European waters since April this year bringing new levels of operational capability to the sector.


In addition to pushing the operational boundaries of transfer limits due to their dynamic BMT fender system and high bollard thrust (with proven transfers at 2m Hs) the vessels offer unrivalved redundancy with four volvo engines and four IPS units. In an industry where CTVs are on the critical logistical path this redundancy provides backup in the unlikely event of breakdown – potentially saving time & money both in personnel costs but also reliant parties (ie cable layers, jack ups).


The 26m Quad IPS design optimizes:


Technician comfort  – progressively important with increased travel time to the further offshore windfarms

Deck layout – for craning operations for extensive O&M works (potentially avoiding the need for Jack Ups)

Accommodation – with 10 berths providing short term 24hr SOV style on-site accommodation for small teams.


The vessel also comes with Dynamic Positioning; Larger Fuel Tanks (28,000L); Fuel Transfer system; Pressure washer; Container Points and Dive Platforms;

Njord Magni Delivers

First of Class - Njord Odin - Launched

Njord Odin, the first of the 26m IPS Class, has been launched on 2nd March 2015.



Njord Odin, the first of four 26m IPS Crew Vessels to be delivered this year, will bring new levels of operational capability and comfort to the offshore windfarm industry.

• Comfort                                    (Business Class Suspension Seating, BMT Hull Design, Humphree Ride Control, Optimum Seat Layout, Resiliently Mounted Wheelhouse)

• Maneuverability                     (IPS with DP)

• Cargo Capacity                        (Large fore and aft decks; 2 x 20ft Container mounts)

• Redundancy                            (4 engines, 4 gearboxes)

• Endurance                               (Large Fuel & Water tanks)

• Speed with efficiency             (IPS – Counter rotating props at optimum drive angle)

• Bollard Pull/Push                  (Variable direction Bollard push with rotating drive angle)

• Dynamic Fenders                   (BMT Active Fender System for increased shock absorption)

OdinFender ODIN IPS


For more details please see the 26m IPS spec.

New Damen Twin Axe and 26m CPP CTVs

February 2014 will see another addition to the Njord Offshore fleet, Njord Alpha, a 26m Damen 2610 Twin Axe CTV.


Njord Alpha brings additional load lugging capability and excellent ride comfort for the further offshore windfarms.


Improvements from the standard TwinAxe design include:-

• Increased passenger window size (50% increase) for high viz

• Changed railings for increased foredeck craning area

Njord Alpha

We will also be taking management of 2 x 26m CPP vessels with an option for a further 6 vessels.


Ultimately, these next generation crew transfer vessels have been designed for increased efficiency, redundancy, speed, comfort and endurance. And if that wasn’t enough – increased transfer capability.

Njord Petrel & Njord Puffin delivered on 06/08/13

Njord Offshore have taken delivery, on behalf of their Owners, of Njord Petrel and Njord Puffin.  These vessels join the growing fleet of sister vessels that Njord Offshore manages, which is now made up of six 21m DNV classed crew transfer vessels.

Njord Curlew & Njord Lapwing deliver in Singapore 28/03/13

Njord Offshore have taken delivery on behalf of their Owners of Njord Curlew and Njord Lapwing. Both vessels had seamless seatrials – this was helped with lessons learnt on the first two sisters Njord Avocet and Njord Kittiwake. We expect them back in Europe for Early May ’13.

Njord Kittiwake - Tested Offshore 05/02/2013

Njord Avocet & Njord Kittiwake arrived in Lowestoft on 4th February. Their first trip from Rotterdam to Lowestoft offered up Force 7 winds and seas of up to 3.5m – a good opening test for the new vessels and one in which they performed excellently.

Njord Kittiwake was selected for the first test on Greater Gabbard (with the kind permission of all concerned at SSE) and performed excellently on her opening trial. Further tests on the field in harsher conditions are to follow.

Njord Avocet & Njord Kittiwake arrive in Rotterdam

Njord Avocet & Njord Kittiwake were unloaded off MV Wiebke on Saturday 2nd January 2013. Both vessels will make their way to Lowestoft for recommissioning and familiarisation.

Njord Avocet & Kittiwake - ETA Rotterdam 27th Jan

Njord Avocet & Njord Kittiwake are scheduled to be unloaded in Rotterdam on the 27th Jan. They shall then be heading to Lowestoft (Hamilton Dock) for the 29th Jan for recomissioning / familiarisation.

27 Dec '12 - Njord Avocet & Njord Kittiwake loaded for Europe

Njord Avocet & Njord Kittiwake have been loaded on-board a 9000dwt heavy lift vessel, MV Wiebke, and are now bound for European shores.

Their ETA in Rotterdam is 25th January 2013 – weather permitting.

Njord Kittiwake Launched

Njord Kittiwake has been successfully launched today. Commissioning and DNV class trials shall take place over the course of the next two weeks.

Shipping agreed for Njord Avocet & Njord Kittiwake

The shipping of Njord Avocet & Njord Kittiwake, from Singapore to European shores has now been booked… The two vessels will be shipped together on the deck of a heavy lift vessel arriving Antwerp / Rotterdam range around 20-25 January 2013.

Njord Avocet and Njord Kittiwake are the first two 21m Crew Transfer Vessels purpose built for the Offshore Windfarm Industry in a series of vessels managed by Njord Offshore.

For interest in chartering or for further technical information please email:- chartering@njordoffshore.com

Njord Avocet - Launched

We are pleased to announce that ‘Njord Avocet’ the first in a series of 8 x 21m Crew Transfer vessels, purpose built for the Offshore Windfarm market, has now been launched. She weighed in at regn 45t (lightweight). Both Owners and Yard are delighted! Further pictures in the gallery section. Sea trials to follow…

17 Jul '12 - Build Progress Report

Progress continues on schedule:-

Shipping & Marine Feature

Shipping and Marine, the magazine for Shipping Management featured Njord Offshore Ltd. in their April Edition.

26 May '12 - Build Progress Report

Progress on our two first crew transfer vessels has been roaring on over the last few weeks. Along with regular updates from the yard we?ve had our own guys on the ground and everyone?s delighted with the quality of the build so far. Emerging from a haze of welding and grinding are two good-looking boats. The hulls are being built in three distinct units, unit one – bow, unit two – centre and wheelhouse and unit three – aft, engine rooms and propulsion. That fits in well with the schedule of equipment that goes into the hull as engines arrive towards the end. This way we can concentrate over the arrangement of fenders and railings at the bow which is critically important for offshore windfarm crew transfer. The first two boats have units 1 and 2 well advanced, with unit 3 cut and being assembled. We?ve opted for fuel tanks independent to the hull structure, protecting the environment in the event of hull damage. The first four of these tanks are finished and fully tested under the supervision of DNV, who are on site regularly inspecting the build quality. Boats three and four have been cut and currently look like a big aluminium jigsaw puzzle!Further updates to follow.