Excellence in Service Provision

Our ‘first in class’ multipurpose offshore windfarm support & crew transfer vessels provide a platform for us to offer additional service provision outside the scope of many crew transfer vessels.

Our services include but aren’t limited to:-

– Transport and transfer of personnel
– Transport and transfer of equipment (incl heavy loads with use of vessels knuckle crane)
– Emergency response with Medicare equipment and trained crew
– Transfer of fuel to the turbine generators during construction
– Transfer of fresh/grey water to/from substations
– Deck power supply and extension for turbines (pre generator) for use of tools/turbine davits
– Cleaning of turbine base/steps (using vessel’s saltwater high pressure washer)
– Painting/maintenance of turbine bases (from constant vessel access)
– ROV deployment by crane or A-frame (for cable laying/maintenance, scour prevention etc)
– Platform for Hydrographic survey work
– Use as a dive platform
– Standby/Safety/Guard duties
– Bird/Mammal Survey duties
– Additional catering packages for Media/VIP events
– Offshore scrap and garbage collection and disposal

For further information please don’t hesitate to get in contact.